What is The Gray House?

We are a Sober Living/Life Recovery house. While it is our primary goal to prevent relapse we are not a substance abuse program. We accept any candidate who meets the eligibility criteria. We are a 90 day residence and all residents are expected to enter and successfully complete the full 90 days. Participation in the house and following the house rules is a mandatory requirement for all residents.  Some residents may be allowed to stay beyond the 90 days under specific circumstances as reviewed on a case by case basis.

Main components of residence:

Employment- We do not have jobs for residents upon arrival to the Gray House. All residents are required to seek and secure employment upon arrival. We are centrally located in an area where access to employment is easily accessible.  Additionally we are located on the bus route for those seeking employment that is not within walking distance. Most residents are able to secure employment within the first 2-3 weeks of arrival at the home.

Program- We model the Therapeutic /Cognitive concepts and offer group sessions, case management and individual coaching sessions. Our goal is to meet the individual where they are at and utilize motivational Interviewing and cognitive behavioral interventions to assist residents in their life recovery efforts. Referrals to other local agencies are made if a resident has needs that extend beyond the scope of our abilities. Extra attention in referrals is given to those who possess social and mental health issues.

Resident Life- There is an average of 4 residents in the house at any given time. Each resident has chores to do each day. Because each come from differing walks of life and possess different expectations on how to live in community we work with each resident in order to maintain peace and harmony with in the house. When the need arises we offer conflict resolution and mentoring to develop positive coping skills. All movement outside of the residence is tracked by through the travel log. Residents are required to participate in weekly meetings. Meeting participation is logged in book and each resident is subject to random drug screenings.


Program Eligibility:

 Each individual is evaluated on a case by case basis when determining eligibility. Criminal history, Pre/Post sentence investigations, medical health status, mental health status, and substance abuse history must be submitted with prescreening form. The general eligibility is as follows:

  • Known sex offenders, gang members, member who pose a security threat and those with a consistent verifiable history of violent offenses (multiple murders, malicious wounding, kidnapping charges, arson etc. especially if offenses are current) are not eligible for residence.
  • Weapon charges are not a disqualifier but are evaluated on individual basis.
  • We accept mental health cases including substance use disorders provided they do not present a safety issue.