Harmony and Hope House for Women

Brothers for Christ Community Response Ministry (BCCR) has purchased property to serve as a transition house for women struggling to get back on their feet after incarceration or addiction.

Named “The Harmony and Hope House,” the facility will be located in a residence that formerly belonged to the Bristol Road to Recovery for Women in Bristol, Tennessee.

The Harmony and Hope House will serve as a temporary place for recently incarcerated women and those struggling with substance use disorders to stay while they seek employment and a permanent place to live. According to a statement in the press release, the Rev. Steven L. Davis Sr., founder and president of BCCR, Harmony House will be a place for new beginnings.

“Many times, men and women are released from prison and have no place to go and no one to help them,” Davis said. “This house is a vital resource to the women in our region that need a place to start a new life.”

Aside from Harmony and Hope offering a place to stay while individuals figure things out, the BCCR will have the residents of Harmony and Hope take part in a six-month mentoring program to help them gain the necessary skills for them to be able to find employment and assist them in getting IDs and documents in order for them to experience a successful return to society. Davis explained the process through which residents are chosen.

“If they’re about to be released by a substance abuse program, or they are about to be released from incarceration, probation and parole would contact us, and we would meet them. Our executive directors will be going into the local jails to find out who is coming home, who has needs for our service, and then they would have a face-to-face interview and go from there,” Davis said.

The Harmony and Hope House will only house five residents at a time. Davis said the goal is to have a one-on-one relationship with the residents to give them the best care.

“Sometimes programs grow too large where they do not understand and meet the needs. Everyone becomes a number or intake name or something to that effect,” Davis said. “We want to have a personal one-on-one relationship with the individuals that come through to let them know that they are important.”

The BCCR was founded in 2003 by Davis, Minister Cornelius D. Studifin and Lillian K. Davis after the Rev. Davis spent time in prison and struggled to rejoin society.

Ann Davis, the wife of the Rev. Davis, will serve as the executive director of the Harmony and Hope House, which is set to open its doors in February of 2022. In a press release, Ann Davis said she hopes the house will provide a space for women to heal and grow.

“We hope that the women’s house will become and remain a viable alternative to a life of substance use/abuse and incarceration for women,” Ann Davis said.

For more information about house and how t=you can be a part of this ministry contact Ann Davis @ 276-696-5493.